Increasing College Persistence Rates 

Nearly half of the Chicago Public School students who go to college never finish.  The vast majority of these students attend public universities or local community colleges that provide them with dismal odds of making it to graduation.  Liberal arts colleges provide low-income/first-generation students with their best chances of earning a college diploma, yet the vast majority of CPS students (and low-income students everywhere) do not possess clear pathways to attend these schools.  Project Intersect is changing this.  In doing so, we are ensuring that CPS students who defied the odds by making it to college are able to defy the odds once again...and finish.


Raising Enrollment at Liberal Arts Colleges

Project Intersect creates partnerships between low-income high schools in Chicago and Liberal Arts Colleges.  Our first partnership provided Adrian College with a $100,910 Return on Investment.  Colleges can enter into as many Project Intersect partnerships as they would like, and the data is clear that our partnerships increase enrollment, raise tuition income, inspire alumni, and add impressive students to your campus community.



Our Vision 

We envision a day when every Liberal Arts College in the Midwest comes together through Project Intersect to drastically expand collegiate opportunities for Chicago's low-income students.  In the process, we will, together, increase the percent of CPS students who not only go on to attend college, but finish and earn their degree.


Our Impact


Support Project Intersect

And help us move closer to realizing our meaningful vision for Chicago's students

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Fund the scholarship and other financial supports that allow for Project Intersect students to attend the right college for them.

Fund a bus trip so that qualified students and parents can visit their partner liberal arts college free of charge.  




"In my eight years of education, I haven’t seen a more welcoming, well-organized, and supportive program around getting students to and through college.  My students feel immensely valued and uniquely gifted after their visit to Adrian College and their interactions with the founder of Project Intersect, Taylor Docking.  Not only will one of our lucky students receive a full tuition scholarship, several more have had the opportunity to find the right college for them because of this visit and private tour." 

- Sasha Fawaz, Director of College Readiness, Catalyst Maria High School.