Project Intersect is Raising Persistence Rates for CPS Students 

1. Creating Partnerships between Chicago's Low-Income High Schools and Liberal Arts Colleges

  • Our partnerships make it possible for students to attend small, private liberal arts colleges.  These are colleges that most CPS students have never heard of before working with Project Intersect, yet, they are the colleges with the highest 4-year graduation rates.  

2. Organizing Admissions Presentation and Fully-Funded College Visit for Students and Parents

  • High schools that work with Project Intersect receive a fully-funded college visit to their partner Liberal Arts College.  As such, students and parents can gain an firsthand understanding of what these small, private colleges have to offer.  

3. Providing Scholarship and Financial Aid Support

  • Students who work with Project Intersect receive a liberal arts education for a cheaper cost than it would be at a big state school or other public institution.  Students admitted to Adrian College through the Project Intersect program received a 95% discount on tuition, and one deserving student received a full-tuition scholarship.

4. Building Meaningful Relationships

  • Students who enroll at their partner college are known by name and story the minute they step foot on campus.  Thus, they receive the type of personalized support and mentorship necessary to feel at home and thrive.  


Project Intersect has provided Catalyst-Maria scholars the opportunity to attend a 4 year college with a full ride scholarship.  Project Intersect provided a first class college visit for 24 seniors to Adrian College. The vision for Project Intersect will also have a support system for the scholarship winner that will ensure academic success and transition into college. 

— Dawn Sandoval, Principal of Catalyst Maria High School